Birthday Party Cost and Payment Information

We charge a $25.00 party fee* that is due two weeks before the party date. This is a non-refundable fee.

At the party, we will charge $7.50 (applicable sales tax included) for each child attending the party, excluding the Birthday Child as his or her portion is “FREE”.

A party must be booked with a minimum of 8 children.

7 guests x $7.50 = $52.50

If for any reason your party has to be canceled, we require a 48-hour notice. At this time we will be happy to re-schedule your party for another date.

Again, the $25.00 party fee is non-returnable.

*We will accept a check for the $25.00 party fee that is paid in advance, but all other monies due on the day of the party should be paid in cash or with a credit card.

*If you would desire to have extra cupcakes for adults attending the party we order them in lots of 6 (1/2 dozen) for $5.00.

We would add any extra orders onto the initial $25.00 Party fee.

We look forward to celebrating your child’s birthday with you at Burger King®!