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Job Description for: Shift Supervisor

 Reports to: Manager, Senior Manager, and General Manager

 General Summary: 

The Shift Supervisor is the first step in the Bennett Management Corp. management structure. The Shift Supervisor leads a shift of employees and works with other managers to achieve goals set by the company. The Shift Supervisor is responsible for a diverse assortment of management tasks and other employee functions with Bennett Management Corp. 

 Essential Functions:

  •    Administrative

  •    Marketing

  •    Operations

  •    Other Functions

        - To keep food costs within set limits

        - Maintaining proper inventory procedures
        - Working towards meeting projected sales goals over the fiscal year
        - Meeting speed of service goal (avg. 2 minutes or less)


  • High School education is the minimal education required to be qualified for a shift supervisor position

  • Manager experience, preferred in a business in the food industry

  • An Associates degree or taking classes towards an Associates degree are preferred

Mental Demands: 

Being a Shift Supervisor with Bennett Management Corp. requires a person with sharp managerial skills in order to perform all tasks required. Shift Supervisors are required to learn all the processes and procedures outlined above but must also be adaptable to solve problems as they arise. A good shift supervisor will have problem solving abilities, time management skills, and attention to detail in order to perform their job. Well-developed oral and written communication skills are essential for working with the crewmembers they supervise and for dealing with customer problems.

Physical Demands: 

The physical demands required of a shift supervisor are not severe but are still strenuous. Shift Supervisors are required to be on their feet for much if not their entire shift. The job also includes bending at the waist, lifting light loads, reaching for objects, writing out reports as necessary, preparing food items and hearing employees and customers though background noise.



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